my late son warned me never to eat at Naira Marley’s house – Mohbad’s mother opens up

Mohbad’s mother has shared her son’s reason for asking her never to eat at Naira Marley’s house before he passed on.

She revealed that during her visits to Naira Marley’s house, Mohbad would express concern for her safety, warning her against consuming the food and wine offered.

Mohbad’s mother also disclosed that her son faced physical abuse during the production of his EP, despite her attempts to intervene.

Furthermore, she revealed that she often chose to stay wherever her son stayed, declining offers to stay at hotels.

In her words; “Whenever I go to Naira’s house and I am given food, I won’t eat. Food is not why I went there adn I fast most times in the morning. My son would tell me not to eat it because he doesnt not want me to die. He flushes the wine given to him too. He said he was signed for three years.

“I was once asked to be taken to a hotel to pass the night but I refused and said I will sleep wherever my son sleep. The last time he called me, he was doing his EP; they beat him up. I begged him to let me talk but he refused; I knelt down and begged but he refused.”

@Cocoberry reacted: “Please i want to ask is naira Marley a god i don’t understand why they were scared of him.”

@bunmigold08 said: “But madam why you no cary out madam.”

@GeorgeLoveth commented: “Watin d carry her Naira Marley house.”

@presh commented: “So u Dey go naira house go eat.”

@olufunmilolaalad5 said: “Why is she going to naira house in the first place if not bcos of money.”

@kabirat.olatunji said: “This woman ,so you dey go naira house.”

@Ceo-abby reacted: “Watin you dey find go naria house ma?”

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