“What’s your excuse?” – Video of a Muslim astronaut praying inside the space trends online

A video of a Muslim astronaut praying inside space has surfaced online and by extension got many people talking online.

In the clip making the rounds online, an astronaut who is trained to travel in the spacecraft uses his skills to observe Solat inside a deep ocean filled with fish such as whales, sharks, and other harmful aquatic animals.

Note that As-Solat is one of the pillars of Islam and it requires praying 5times daily under a specific period of time.


However, the Astronaut who doesn’t want to miss his Solat even though the environment isn’t really free for him still manages to pray at the right time so as to receive full blessing from the almighty.

The video captured the moment astronaut laid his praying mat and started praying and that was just the beginning.

He kickstarted praying, went to the “Ruku (bowing while standing) part then went to the “Sujud” where his head hit the floor two times, and stood up again to continue the rakat of Solat.

The video of the Muslim astronaut praying has gathered the attention of many social media users as many stressed that those on earth have no excuse not to pray at the right time.

Watch the video of the Astronaut observing solat inside the space below;

See reactions below;

ewa_tomi022:  Right now I’m laying down instead of praying Maghrib and Isha but I don stand up immediately I saw this.

_feyi01: Prayer is the Master Key , make Allah answer all our hidden prayer this Ramadan.

bbdxpop: How did he perform ablution? Just asking respectfully🫡.

xoxo_3.xx:  Gather here if you knw Islam is the only religion.

ika_promoter1:  Everywhere is a Mosque Except A Graveyard and The Restroom! Allahuakbar 🙏 ❤️.

sholex_unruly:  Make he try pray inside volcano first . I Dey come back 😢.

habibi_hilarious1:  Subhanallah! I pray Allah grant him highest level of Jannah


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